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Fan Story: Fab-Nine Wildheart from Italy


What can you say about Ginger and his bastard son The Wildhearts that has not been said before?

I was first introduced to the beast when a local Italian band, during a gig, played ‘Loveshit’ in their set and I was so impressed with that tune that after the show I felt the urge to ask whether it was a song of theirs or not and they pronounced those two magical words that changed my life forever: THE WILDHEARTS.

Bang!’ – Love at first sound… isn’t it?

Being a songwriter myself, I love the fact that you can hear a vast array of influences and different styles and genres in Ginger’s songs, and when you hear his stuff, you kinda get to feel Ginger’s true passion and love for music.

Every time I can, I jump on a plane and travel to the UK for a Ginger or Wildhearts gig and so I started to meet fellow “wildheartsian”, great fans, music lovers and amazing people, and I can truly say it’s a wonderful community, that it seems like a big family. It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve added another holiday on my calendar and it’s December 17th, when the annual Ginger’s Birthday Bash takes place in London, when we all gather round to ‘raise our glass to the underworld’, ‘exorcise the ghosts, maybe even clear a dirty mind’ and acknowledge that you can never ‘get down when you got all your friends around’.

In conclusion, I think that Ginger’s songwriting skills are so impressive, his talent so unnatural, and his work so prolific (between The Wildhearts, his solo releases and his many side-projects and collaborations, he has written hundreds and hundreds of songs), that he’s capable, with his songs, to cover the whole spectrum of human emotions, creating majestic landscapes of sounds. So whether you’re having a shitty day, about to commit suicide, won the lottery, or fallen madly in love with someone, rest assured that you can put a Ginger-penned song on and it’ll be 29 times the pleasure all over again.


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