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Fan Story: Fab-Nine Wildheart from Italy


What can you say about Ginger and his bastard son The Wildhearts that has not been said before?

I was first introduced to the beast when a local Italian band, during a gig, played ‘Loveshit’ in their set and I was so impressed with that tune that after the show I felt the urge to ask whether it was a song of theirs or not and they pronounced those two magical words that changed my life forever: THE WILDHEARTS.

Bang!’ – Love at first sound… isn’t it?

Being a songwriter myself, I… Continue reading

Fan Story: Damo from Australia


It’s hard to believe it happened – that 50+ strangers from the other side of the world would get together and pull off one of the greatest moves in rock ’n’ roll history. It must be rewarding to be in a band and know that your fans would set up a fund known as the F.T.B.O.F. (aka the Fly The Buggers Over Fund). So what exactly was the F.T.B.O.F.? Picture this: in a drunken state after a SilverGinger 5 show, a man known as ‘Longhair’ says over a pint, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we… Continue reading

Fan Story: Momo Tsuda from Japan

For the first time when I knew THE WiLDHEARTS was a hotel of London. In the morning, when I ate a packaged breakfast and watching TV in a room. “What’s this song!? Cool! This is the rock ’n’ roll!! How catchy! This is the Rock what I demanded!!!!” This was an encounter with THE WiLDHEARTS. Of course I purchased Time Out by a swift attack, and looked for “Is there any THE WiLDHEARTS show in London or somewhere?”, but was not found. I was disappointed..

Soon after having gone back to Japan, I knew that THE WiLDHEARTS visits Japan, and… Continue reading

Fan Story: Lee Gauntlett’s Wildhearts New York Trip

The Wildhearts
The Exit Club, Brooklyn, New York
Friday 19 October 2007

Being in attendance for this gig proved to be quite an achievement in itself as the girlfriend is not (well, wasn’t at the time) a fan of The Wildhearts. I originally intended to take her to New York in November of 2007 for a romantic weekend. However, when The Wildhearts announced in June 2007 that they would be playing a series of shows across America, I proposed that if she let me attend this show, I’d take her for an extra two nights to compensate. Unbelievably, she agreed.… Continue reading

Fan Story: James Tomlinson

APRIL 2007

5 October 1988 was the first time I remember thinking about the ripple effect. It was an episode of Doctor Who and The Doctor was pondering adding sugar to his tea and the subsequent potential impact. Of course, such actions are completely mundane at the time – it’s only when you look back you realize just how much of your life can be traced to a single event.

Five years later, I was in a book store in Colwyn Bay run by a friend of mine. He played me a CD he’d just bought, describing it as the… Continue reading

Fan Story: Dave Heulun

March 2007

It was my 22nd birthday when an e-mail dropped into my inbox with the words ‘I fucking love your work!!’ and an offer to buy the portrait of Ginger I’d sent to the Wildhearts website. The message was from the man himself. I was jumping around the room, ecstatic that I’d managed to impress the guy who had provided me with the most incredible soundtrack to my teenage life and beyond. I’d just finished Art College, and had recently started to develop a style of painting combining influences from cartoon and comic art, American “low brow” painting, surrealism,… Continue reading

Fan Story: Carrie McMillan

June 2006

Music has always played a major role in my life from my earliest memories. I’m a terminal rock chick; the only lullaby that got me to sleep as a baby was Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On The Water’, and my first concert was Whitesnake when I was only seven years old. Even sat upon my dad’s shoulders, I could still only see the very top of David Coverdale’s curly mop. Despite this lifelong obsession with all things rock, and the countless concerts I’ve attended over the years, it still came as something of a surprise just how much impact… Continue reading


Some people go to different levels of fandom, even having their favourite artists branded on them for life. Here are some prime examples of that. Continue reading

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