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Interview with Alex Kane

2 JANUARY 2013

The one that nearly got away. After several failed attempts to interview Alex when I started writing Zealot, we got back in touch via Facebook Chat in September 2011. Our plan was to conduct the interview through Skype, but this was also laid to rest as our schedules wouldn’t allow it. It was decided that the only way the interview was going to happen was if I sent Alex the questions in an email. Not the way I normally like to do things but at least it seemed it was going to happen… or so I… Continue reading

Interview with Devin Townsend

Thumbing a lift with Devin

17 NOVEMBER 2011

Canadian Devin Townsend’s band Strapping Young Lad were too thrashy for my tastes. But I knew and loved the single ‘Christeen’ lifted off his ’98 ‘Infinity’ LP. Ginger had also been credited as co-writing ‘Christeen’ and featured in the promo video.
However, I wrongly assumed that all Devin’s other work would be of the same ilk as Strapping Young Lad, so I never explored. Then all that changed…

In October 2011, my friend Kerry posted a link on Facebook to the Devin song ‘Planet Of The Apes’. Well, it blew me… Continue reading

Interview with Jon Poole / Jase Edwards

13 NOVEMBER 2007


The God Damn Whores were supporting the Cardiacs at The O2 Academy (formerly The Zodiac) in Oxford. I got in touch with Jon Poole via MySpace a few days beforehand to try and organise an interview. I received this positive reply:

Hello Gary,

Yeah I’d be up for an interview. I’ll be milling around before and after the gig so come and make yourself known!
All the best,

Walking down Cowley Road I started to get a little nervous: as was the norm, before conducting an interview with someone I admired. Also, The Zodiac had… Continue reading

Interview with ex-Wildhearts guitarist Mark Keds

23 MARCH 2007

Photo: Copyright Naomi Dryden-Smith

There was a substantial gap between interviewing Jef in 2006 and Mark Keds the year after. This was because, several times when I was supposed to get back to Mark I felt too down to do so, and many times when I had got in touch, Mark just wasn’t at the other end of the phone. Finally, though, we organised to meet in London outside Clapham Common Tube Station at 1.45pm on 23 March.

I had originally wanted Martin to share the experience with me, but he couldn’t get away from work and… Continue reading

Interview with ex-Wildhearts guitarist Jef Streatfield

16 JULY 2006

Using the number I obtained from Danny, I gave Jef a ring and had no trouble organising a convenient moment to talk. However, this interview almost didn’t get written up, as the recording on my Dictaphone was practically inaudible. But with hours and hours of patience, I managed to work out a proportion of what was said. It’s a shame I can’t enter the whole of the interview because Jef was so friendly and easygoing.

Jef: “Hello, mate.”

Me: “Hello, is that Jef?”

Jef: “It is, yeah. Hi Gary, how ya doing?”

Me: “Hello, alright mate. You… Continue reading

Interview with Danny McCormack

11 June 2006

I was getting more confident as I did these interviews. I was especially looking forward to this one as on the few occasions I’d met Danny, he had come across as a lovely guy. But I wasn’t sure if he would answer the phone nor, if he did, whether he would be well enough to talk. When he answered on my first attempt you can imagine I was more than pleased. Funnily enough though, I expected his first words to be a little more rock ’n’ roll than, “Could you ring back in a couple of hours… Continue reading

Interview with Wildhearts Guitarist CJ

24 May 2006

I thought my easily-organised interview with Bam was a one-off, so when I got in contact with CJ through MySpace and he immediately got back with a big ‘yes’ and his mobile number, you can imagine I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I was a little nervous, but no way as much as I had been with Bam. I rang a little after our organised time of 4.00pm but got no reply, so rang back at 4.20pm.

Throughout the interview we hardly stopped laughing; I felt at ease because CJ was such a nice guy.

CJ:… Continue reading

Interview with Early Wildhearts Drummer Bam

15th May 2006

Contacting drummer Bam through his band Bubble’s web page, I explained what I was aiming to do with Zealot and he got straight back to me with his contact number. It took me two weeks to build up the courage, but eventually I called.

Before this interview took place, I had stupidly phoned Bam at 5.00am the very same day. Seems I got a little confused with the time difference – whoops. Under the circumstances, he was extremely polite and we decided that when I got home at 11.00pm from my late shift at work it would… Continue reading

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