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Full of laughs, introspection and rock ‘n’ roll antics, The Wildhearts: Zealot in Wonderland is the story of one man’s unexpected thrust into a powerful obsession with British rock band The Wildhearts. Like every honeymoon period, this one begins with the sun in the sky and the stars to aim for. However, as I get to grips with my own life, relationships, and debilitating depression, what once seemed like a simple journey to my younger self spirals out of control, until my longing for an interview with The Wildhearts’ lead singer, Ginger, causes the honeymoon to turn sour. But through it all, it is ultimately the music which sees me through.


“The beauty of this book is that it really could apply to many fans of many different bands around the world and their obsession with said band. Gary is brutally honest with some of his personal problems & this book also shows at times music can be the one thing that gets us through another day (or even 5 minutes when we are at our lowest). He also shows that music and the love of the same band can forge new friendships that may never have happened by being at a gig.”
Aleutia Shannon

“Zealot is a great read. There is, in places, an almost brutal self honesty that is a) refreshing and b) resonating.”
Rhys Miles

“Just finished reading the Zealot in Wonderland book and wanted to say it’s the best book I’ve read in a long time….thank you so much Gary Davidson for sharing his experiences and stories of being a Wildies and Ginger nut. It made me laugh out loud and feel solemn at so much of it, and also brought back so many memories of the greatest rock n roll band in the world. For any fans of the Wildhearts that haven’t read/gotten it yet I strongly recommend this great book…a truly enjoyable experience and a true fans account of loving and following a hugely underrated band.”
Scott Jeffs

“I haven’t read anything in recent years that was so honest, so heartfelt and so genuine. The affection and love for the Wildhearts and, consequently, Ginger permeated every page. I loved the fact that it wasn’t a biography of the band/singer per se, but one man’s take on what the music meant. Loved it, warts, hiccups and all!”
Rob Turner

“Just finished reading Zealot In Wonderland by Gary Davidson. A thoroughly enjoyable read as a Wildhearts fan, and while it got pretty dark in places given some of the subject matter regarding the author himself, I can honestly say that any Wildhearts fan will love it.”
Jason Soper

The Wildhearts: Zealot in Wonderland on Good Reads. I really appreciate any reviews.

Format: PDF Download
First Published: 19 May 2017
This eBook Edition Published: 26 January 2020
Language: English
Pages: 358
PLEASE NOTE: The Zealot in Wonderland paperback edition is now completely sold out and out of print. This is a PDF eBook version of Zealot in Wonderland only. You will not receive a physical paperback copy of the book.
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